User Agreement

Master User Agreement: Acceptance of Terms

1.1 The company provides number of travel related product and services through its website, retail outlets, mobile-cellular technology and through its call-centre. ACF TOURISM is a company incorporated under the laws of India, with its principal
office at 46, Haji Building,
S.V.P. Road, Null Bazaar, Mumbai, Maharashtra,
India - 400003
Phone No: +918286678976

1.2 The company provides number of travel related product and services through its website, retail outlets, mobile-cellular technology and through its call-centre.

1.3 The company provides number of travel related product and services through its website, retail outlets, mobile-cellular technology and through its call-centre.

1.4 ACF Tourism shall provide you ("User") travel-related information such as pricing, availability and reservations for airlines, hotels, railway, holiday packages, bus and car rentals across cities and rural areas in India ("Service"). This Service may be availed by the User in India at any time during the year as is offered by various third party vendors like airlines, hotels, etc. ("Service Providers").

1.5 This Master User Agreement is applicable to all ACF Tourism services. In addition to this to the current Agreement and depending on the Services opted by the User, you (the User) shall be needed to read and accept the relevant terms and conditions of service (“TOS”). These terms and conditions may be updated or modified by ACF Tourism from time to time. Such Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be a section of this Agreement and in the event of a conflict between such TOS and this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.

1.6 ACF Tourism services are offered to the User, conditioned on acceptance without modification of all the terms, conditions and notices contained in this Agreement and the TOS posted on the Website may be change from time to time. For the removal of doubts, it is clarified that availing of the Services by the User constitutes an acknowledgement and acceptance by the User of this Agreement and the TOS. If the User does not agree with any terms, conditions and notices, the user must not avail ACF Tourism services.

1.5 Additionally, the Service supplier itself could provide terms and guidelines that regularize specific features, offers or the operating rules and policies applicable to every Service like flights booking, hotel reservations, packages, etc. The User shall be liable for ensuring compliance with the terms and guideline or operating rules and policies of the Service provider with whom the User elects to deal including terms and conditions set forth in a service Providers' fare rules, contract of carriage or house rules.

1.6 ACF Tourism at its sole discretion reserves the right not to accept any order or booking placed by the user through the website without assigning any reason thereof. In any contract ACF Tourism will not provide any kind of services until full money towards the service is received from the user and accepted by ACF Tourism.

2. Modification of Terms
ACF Tourism has the right to change the terms, conditions and notices under which the Services are offered through the Website, including but not limited to the charges for the Services provided through the Website. The User shall be liable for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.

3. Privacy Policy
The User hereby consents, expresses and agrees that he has read and fully understands the Privacy Policy of ACF Tourism. The User further consents that the terms and contents of such Privacy Policy are acceptable to him.
4. Limited User
4.1 The User agrees and undertakes not to sell, trade, resell and exploit for any commercial purposes any portion of the Service.
4.2 User further agrees and undertakes not to reverse engineer, modify copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any information, software, products or services obtained from the Website. Limited reproduction and copying of the content of the Website is permitted provided that the ACF Tourism name is stated as the source. For the removal of doubt, it is clarified that r non-commercial purposes and unwarranted modification of data and information unlimited or wholesale reproduction, copying of the content for commercial within the content of the Website is not permitted.

Responsibilities Of User Vis-a-Vis The Agreement

The User expressly agrees that use of the services is at their sole risk. To the extent ACF TOURISM acts only as a booking agent on behalf of third party service providers, it shall not have any liability whatsoever for any aspect of the standards of services provided by the service providers. In no circumstances shall ACF TOURISM be liable for the services provided by the service provider. The services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. ACF TOURISM may change the features or functionality of the services at any time, in their sole discretion, without notice. ACF TOURISM expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. No advice or information, whether oral or written, which the User obtains from ACF TOURISM or through the services shall create any warranty not expressly made herein or in the terms and conditions of the services. If the User does not agree with any of the terms above, they are advised not to read the material on any of the ACF TOURISM pages or otherwise use any of the contents, pages, information or any other material provided by ACF TOURISM. The sole and exclusive remedy of the User in case of disagreement, in whole or in part, of the user agreement, is to discontinue using the services after notifying ACF TOURISM in writing.

Modification Of These Terms Of Use

ACF TOURISM reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the ACF TOURISM websites are offered, including but not limited to the charges. The User is responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.


Any information which is specifically mentioned by ACF TOURISM as Confidential shall be maintained confidentially by the user and shall not be disclosed unless as required by law or to serve the purpose of this agreement and the obligations of both the parties therein.

Usage Of The Mobile Number Of The User By ACF Tourism

ACF TOURISM may send booking confirmation, itinerary information, cancellation, payment confirmation, refund status, schedule change or any such other information relevant for the transaction, via SMS or by voice call on the contact number given by the User at the time of booking; ACF TOURISM may also contact the User by voice call, SMS or email in case the User couldn’t or hasn’t concluded the booking, for any reason what so ever, to know the preference of the User for concluding the booking and also to help the User for the same. The User hereby unconditionally consents that such communications via SMS and/ or voice call by ACF TOURISM is (a) upon the request and authorization of the User, (b) ‘transactional’ and not an ‘unsolicited commercial communication’ as per the guidelines of Telecom Regulation Authority of India (TRAI) and (c) in compliance with the relevant guidelines of TRAI or such other authority in India and abroad. The User will indemnify ACF TOURISM against all types of losses and damages incurred by ACF TOURISM due to any action taken by TRAI, Access Providers (as per TRAI regulations) or any other authority due to any erroneous compliant raised by the User on ACF TOURISM with respect to the intimations mentioned above or due to a wrong number or email id being provided by the User for any reason whatsoever.

5. Termination/Access Restriction

ACF Tourism reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate the access to the website and the related services or any portion thereof at any time,

6. Fees without notice Payment

Acftouris reserves the right to charge listing fees for certain listings, as well as transaction fees based on certain completed transactions using the ACF Tourism Services. ACF Tourism further reserves the right to alter any and all fees from time to time, without notice.
6.1 The User shall be liable to pay all applicable charges, fees, duties, taxes, levies and assessments for availing the ACF Tourism services.

7. Termination of Agreement and Services

7.1 Either the User or ACF Tourism may terminate this Agreement and a Service with or without cause at any time to be effective immediately

7.2 The User agrees that ACF Tourism may under certain circumstances and without prior notice, immediately terminate the User's user id and access to the Website/Services. Causes for termination may include, but shall not be limited to, breach by the User of this Agreement or the TOS, requests by enforcement or government agencies, requests by the User, non-payment of fees owed by the User in connection with the Services as specified in the applicable TOS.

7.3 This Agreement may be terminated by either the User or ACF Tourism through a written notice to the other. ACF Tourism shall not be liable to the User or any third party for termination of any Service. Should the User object to any terms and conditions of this Agreement, any TOS or become dissatisfied with the Service in any way, the User's only recourse is to immediately: (a) discontinue use of the Website/Service; and (b) notify ACF Tourism of such discontinuance..
Upon termination of the Service, User's right to use the Website/Services and software shall immediately cease. The User shall have no right and ACF Tourism shall have no obligation thereafter to execute any of the User's uncompleted tasks or forward any unread or unsent messages to the User or any third party. Once the User's registration or the Services are terminated, cancelled or suspended, any data that the User has stored on the Website may not be retrieved later.


All notices and communications (including those related to changes in the TOS, Service, termination of Service etc.,) shall be in writing, in English and shall deemed given if delivered personally or by commercial messenger or courier service, or mailed by registered or certified mail (return receipt requested) or sent via email/facsimile (with acknowledgment of complete transmission) to the following address:


These terms of service (hereinafter referred to as "Terms and Conditions") between ACF Tourism (hereinafter referred to as "ACF TOURISM") and the users of the Marketplace (hereinafter referred to as "User") describe, inter alia, the terms of offer for availing services, purchase of services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by the third party service provider (hereinafter referred to as "Vendor").
Please read the terms and conditions carefully before availing any services on the marketplace. Any service availed by the user through this marketplace shall signify users’ acceptance of the terms & conditions and shall be legally bound by the same. in addition to the foregoing, user shall also be bound by additional terms of offer for service issued by the vendor at the marketplace. if there is any conflict between the terms & conditions of the marketplace and the additional vendor terms, the additional terms shall take precedence in relation to that service.
If the user does not agree with the terms of offer for service, he /she may not access the marketplace.